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Search Engine Optimization is the refinement of web pages, how to achieve a better rank in search engine search results. In practice, the "engine" means Google, especially since it is by far the most widely used in Finland. Other search engines share is still very marginal.
Google views can easily be improved by buying Google ads, with each click costs. This visibility is generally necessary, however, to limit the budget so that costs do not run away the clouds. This limitation in turn means that the visibility is only part of the time. However, if your page is to be constantly appear in Google search results as Google advertising price rises is likely so high, that they will never get the money back from producing new clients cash flow. 
It is also found that many people prefer to click on Google's natural search results than ads. For example, a person aids for the elderly detective write a keyword search tool, and when he gets in front of her hits, she unconsciously bit map those results, which is next to the text "advertising". In addition, do not forget to invest in other than the most common search words. In the above example, the person may also make more specific searches, such as a walking stick or crutches.
How do you ranked? Google has its own algorithm, according to which it arranges the pages in search results. By knowing this algorithm, the search results may be affected. In practice, this means editing Web pages and external search engine optimization. These will, however, done the right way. You also have to remember the location and significance of the place. For example, a person in Espoo therapists detective may be used alone -hakusanaa a massage therapist, but more likely he will put the search words masseuse Espoo.
Incorrect search engine optimization can easily lead to a search engine penalty, which may be the worst sides of removal from search results altogether. Sometimes the last millennium was organized by the search engines pages, depending on how many times the search term appeared on the website. So the wisest come up with your choice of keyword search pages many hundreds of times. Today, search engines have become wiser: is it for example "strawberry cake recipe" -hakusanalla information seeking and they benefit from any web page, where there is no right thing, but only the word "strawberry cake recipe for" a thousand times.
Thus, a person Google partition, do need to know how I really SEO, or search engine optimization or search engine optimization is done. 


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