Home services, like cleaning


For example, many cleaning companies search engine is running is a very effective form of advertising. When a person who lives in London, for example, needs cleaning your home, chances are they will write a Google search words: cleaning London. Then he looks at the first few search results, and selects the firm which subscribes to a service.
And if your company do your job well, the customer is likely to continue to subscribe to the service from the same company.  Or another example is a person who is looking for aids for the elderly, for example, their own parents. He put a search engine keyword walker or wheelchair, and begin to browse through search results. Hardly anyone will examine the results of many pages, but most visitors gather those who are on the first page and at the top end there too happy. And then the walker can sell it, which is well established. Or wheelchair-store access to rub the tip of the search results.


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